Patient Testimonials

Dr. Hartz has cared for my 20-year-old son since the age of 15 months, and my 18-year-old daughter since birth. I could not be more happy with the quality of care that they have received, and both of them feel very attached to her. There are lot of stages of development and different issues that arise during a child’s infancy, childhood and teen years, and Dr. Hartz is amazingly expert in each and every one of these. My daughter is autistic, and Dr. Hartz has been wonderful supportive of all of my daughter’s needs, accommodated her communication and sensory challenges when health issues arose, and worked closely with her specialists. I would remiss of I did not mention Dr. Hartz’s nurses and staff; they are simply superlative. It is my pleasure and privilege to write this testimonial.

-Susan Deland

Growing up, Dr. Hartz was my pediatrician and now my two daughters (5mos & 3) are patients of hers. My 3 year old is always excited to go see her - a true testament to what a great doctor she is! Dr. Hartz always makes time for us if we need to come in and has no problem talking to us in the middle of the night if need be. We trust her 100% and have been extremely happy with the whole team at Larchmont Pediatrics! 

-Larissa Mengel Kippax

I can’t say enough about how happy my family is with Dr. Hartz and her practice! She was my pediatrician as a child and I didn’t think twice about where my kids would go once I became a mom. Her private practice creates a family-like environment and the fact that she is always on-call is such a comfort for the weekend and overnight illnesses! Everyone in her office goes above and beyond and we are never left with the lengthy and dreaded 'waiting on the doctor to call back’ that you can find at other practices. Last minute and sick appointments are always accommodated and the best part of her private practice- you always see Dr. Hartz! I don’t think I would trust any other pediatrician for my sons. I highly recommend her to everyone I know that is looking for a great pediatrician!

-Alice Hansbury

For over 10 years, Dr. Hartz has been there for my children. She truly cares about my children's health. Dr. Hartz makes herself available when the need arises, no matter the time of day or whether it is weekend or not. I have found that because Dr. Hartz practices solo, we have not had issues with beeing seen by another doctor in the practice that is unfamiliar with my children's health and history. My experience with Dr. Hartz has been 100% positive and I would not go to any other pediatrician.

- Patty Ramsay

Dr. Hartz has been an integral part of our family for over 15 years. She is one of the most caring and thoughtful individuals who is genuinely interested in my family's well being. She always goes above and beyond for our family and truly cares. We are not just another patient. I am grateful to have Dr. Hartz and her team in my life. Thank you!

- Melinda Dempsey